Homesteaders. The people behind the magic. “About us”

Know your farmer. Aloha ‘Oe Homesteaders

Meet ‘Iolani, the wonderful little light that never ceases to brighten up the day. He is 5 and loves playing dinosaurs and Legos when he isn’t in the garden helping mom and dad.

Hi. I am the mommy in the garden. My name is Amber ‘Alohilani (either is fine). I am 25, I have lived in hawaii since day 1. I got my degree in tropical agriculture in my teens, finishing my degree the week ‘Iolani was born. I consider myself a “creator” my passion is learning and creating many different things. Currently including, but not limited to (😁), crochet. Macrame, gardening, drawing, and dancing. I am also very passionate about improving the state of the world. I dream of a world where we dont fear so much, not our selves, others, or the opportunity to make better choices. Even when they aren’t the easier choices.

The daddy in the garden, Alva. The guy who makes all the real magic. He truly is the core of this project. Tirelessly working to build our homestead, from the ground up. He has transformed rocky ground into a thriving ecosystem, theming with life. He is out there always, rain or shine, even at night.

A little about us and our mission

Our agricultural goals have shifted from the original passion of vanilla farming to a diverse homestead, intensively planted in a permaculture style. We had previously been working a wonderful piece of land in Leilani. It was a beautiful young food forest planted into old ‘ohi’a forest, with many things beginning to produce wonderful fruits and flowers. The acre was home to several hundred species, including nearly 50 varieties of bananas. Unfortunately, that parcel of land was one of thousands to be consumed in the 2018 Kilauea eruption. Fortunately, we had just begun a second project in Orchidland. Orchidland has been a life saver. It has provided us with a roof over our heads and land to plant into. A sanctuary for our sanity. It was a big empty field of rocks when we first had it ripped, now it is a flourishing field of green leaves and yellow flowers. A bright, new beginning.